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Credit card companies and even banks mean to "sell you debt." Your debt is an essential part of their business model. It's no wonder that you're considering a talk with a Loan Coach. It's no wonder that minimum payments and high-interest rates don't offer a viable solution towards debt freedom. It's no wonder at all that debt snowballs no matter how diligent and responsible you may have been. It only takes one minor setback to have things spiral out of control.

We don't need to lecture you on the stresses brought on by compiling debt. Instead, we're here to offer solutions that work for your situation. LendVia is a financial wellness company. We don't stay in business by keeping people in debt; our company thrives by offering a service that pulls people out of debt and into financial wellness. Break free from debt by exploring the article below and booking an appointment with a Loan Coach today!

Talk to a Loan Coach

If you're ready to get started, book an appointment. One of our expert Loan Coaches will answer your questions and guide you by the hand through the application process. All you have to do is select your preferred date and time and book the appointment.

What Is a Loan Coach?

A Loan Coach goes by a few different names. Most conventional are "loan advisor" and "loan expert." We believe that "Loan Coach" communicates a better idea of what you'll experience: on-going motivation, inspiration, and guidance toward financial wellness.

Essentially, a Loan Coach is a financial advisor of sorts who specializes in credit card debt and expert communication. Once you've chosen to speak with a Loan Coach, he or she will analyze your current standing debt, help guide you through a series of questions, present options and solutions, and keep you motivated along the chosen path into financial wellness.

What Can a Loan Coach Do For Me?

Your Loan Coach will serve as your main point of contact with the LendVia. Next, he or she will help you understand the process of selecting, applying for, receiving, and paying off your loan. Your questions will all be answered along the way, so there's no need for apprehension, and nothing gets missed.

Once a plan is set in motion, the Loan Coach helps you effectively adhere to it. He or she offers the continued service of helping you stay motivated and manage your finances in a manner aligned with achieving financial wellness.

Understanding Credit Card Debt

Before you talk to a Loan Coach and begin applying, it may benefit you to understand better a few critical points of how credit card debt works.

Minimum payments aren't designed to, and rarely ever, get people out of credit card debt. The interest rates are simply too high; you'd be looking at decades of steady payments. Who wants to spend the majority of their life in debt? Think of all that unneeded stress and wasted time? Second of all, with minimum payments, one unexpected expense can seemingly undo months of hard work.

Unforeseen expenditures are a part of life. Emergencies wouldn't be emergencies if they were planned. Most people find themselves in debt as a result of these sorts of circumstances. To expect them to never happen again is wishful thinking.

Your level of debt, amount you own vs. your available limit, is responsible for one-third of your credit score. The closer your credit balance is to your credit limit, the more negatively your credit score is affected. Staying in debt costs you in more ways than one.

Maxed out and over-limit accounts bring some of the worst credit score penalties. Filing bankruptcy may sound like a tempting option at first but results in severe credit score damage that can take multiple years to recover from.

Credit Card Loans

A credit card loan offers you the means of paying off credit card debt quickly. It can also help raise credit scores in some cases.

There are a number of factors that affect your credit score. Our Loan Coaches are familiar and can outline the areas for gain as well as the pitfalls. If your credit history shows as one having experience with credit cards and loans, this could potentially contribute to an increase in your credit score.

Credit card loans, also known as credit card consolidation loans, are just that. They consolidate debt from multiple outstanding or otherwise credit balances into one easy-to-manage loan payment. These sorts of consolidated loans help to get you out of debt faster and easier by offering a lower amount. Less interest means less time in debt, all the while increasing your credit score instead of losing points to a high balance to limit ratio.

Fixed rates mean you have a regular monthly payment that never increases. No hidden or unexpected fees cropping up later, and no over-the-phone hassles make getting out of debt far less stressful.

Credit card companies profit by keeping you in debt. Loan companies specialize in getting you out of debt faster than you would just by making the standard or minimum making payments. With LendVia, once approved for a loan, your credit card balance is paid off immediately. Simply trade out your credit card payment for a lower interest loan and see a boost to your score!

Why Lendvia?

LendVia is a financial wellness company aimed at helping people understand and have a better relationship with money. We offer credit card balance transfer, home equity loans, and unsecured personal loans.

We take the time necessary to understand your situation. From there, we offer a proven expert strategy. Our goal is your financial wellness, and we only provide advice that helps you take steps towards it.

LendVia's coaches are trained professionals that know how to keep you inspired and committed to your financial goals. We are not a bank, and as such, we use lending partners and third parties instead of banks to originate loans.

Loan offerings come in the form of unsecured installment loans with a single lower monthly payment than you'd ever pay with a credit card company. The amount saved ranges based on your total amount of existing balances. The higher the balance, the greater your savings potential in terms of both time and money! Typically, in dollars, these savings have a broad range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It's all easily calculated by comparing your new monthly rate to your former minimum payment plus interest rates dictated by your credit card company.

At LendVia we do require you close your credit cards once you've taken out a loan. As we proceed through your financial plan, you will stay in total control and decide which cards close, which are paid off, and what accounts you'd like to keep open.

Overall, we teach our customers to be less dependant on credit cards. We mean to help you break the cycle of credit card spending.

Auto-pay offers a convenient, easy, and environmentally-friendly payment method using less paper and mail. Payments are made from the same account used to receive the borrowed funds.

The Lendvia Way

At LendVia, talking to a Loan Coach is entirely free. Your coach will guide you through the application process, help you choose the offer that makes the most sense for your situation, and help you understand the different options.

Our service offers:

  • Fixed low monthly rates

  • Gets you caught up on your credit card debt fast.

  • Fixed loan rates of 4.99% APR - 34.99% APR

  • Loan amounts of $5,000 - $100,000 for a term of 1-5 years

  • Simple and straightforward process

  • Zero application, prepayment, or annual fees

  • Monthly payments lower than credit cards

  • Dedication to helping you achieve your financial goals as quickly as possible to achieve lasting financial wellness

Will My Personal Information Be Secure?

LendVia uses only carefully vetted and trusted partners along with third-parties that have access to stated offerings. Your permission is required for all disclosures, and you have the option to opt-out at any time in the process.

Feel free to check out our Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy.

How to Apply

We make applying as easy as possible. Completing an application with LendVia doesn't hurt your credit score. Click apply, set your date and time, and we'll help you through the rest.

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